Udaipur: Risala Forest to House Green Lungs Forest Project

Udaipur: Risala Forest to House Green Lungs Forest Project

Rs 2 crore will be spend on this project

Green Lungs Forest

Preparations are currently in progress for the development of a Green Lung Forest within a 295-hectare region of Risala Forest, Udaipur. This ambitious project, with a budget of Rs 2 crores, encompasses several significant features.  Firstly, it involves the construction of a 4-kilometer-long boundary wall to delineate the forested area. In addition to this, the project includes the establishment of a check dam, anicuts, trenches, and stone anicuts, enhancing the ecological infrastructure within the forest.

Furthermore, the development plan incorporates the creation of two watchtowers, which will serve both as observation points and lookout structures to enrich the visitor experience. Additionally, a dedicated pathway will be built, facilitating access and exploration of the forest area.

The primary objective of the Green Lungs Forest project is to supply fresh oxygen to the city. Within the forest's expanse, there currently exists a one-kilometer-long concrete wall that serves as a boundary. In order to fortify the area and prevent unauthorized access by both travelers and unwanted individuals, an additional 4 kilometers of wall will be constructed.

The watchtower will provide department employees with a vantage point for area surveillance, while also offering tourists a stunning view of the lush forest landscape. The pathway will serve a dual purpose, functioning as a patrol route for forest workers to conduct inspections and as a trekking route for visitors.

Furthermore, the project places a significant emphasis on plantation work to augment the greenery of the area. Presently, active efforts are in progress to clear the forest region of lantana, carrot grass, and other invasive vegetation. Once the land is cleared of these intruders, new plants will be carefully cultivated to enhance the overall green cover of the region.

Source: Dainik Bhaskar


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