Heat in December?? Anticyclone is blocking cold winds

Heat in December?? Anticyclone is blocking cold winds 

December is supposed to be cold, but after the initial short spell high temperature is being experienced now.
Heat in December?? Anticyclone is blocking cold winds
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-Rain is likely to bring down temperatures next week.

-Minimum temperatures may drop by 4 degrees.

December is supposed to be a cold month that begins bringing in shivers which continue until the end of the winter season. 2020 experienced cold waves in the beginning of winter season which starts setting in with the festival of Diwali. It was also followed by spine chilling winter for a couple of days. Then came the sudden change which is actually quite shocking.

December began to be hotter than any other Decembers of the past years. The maximum temperatures began rising to the extent of 30 degrees which is actually quite shocking. Winter wears that had made their way on the shelves in the cupboard, seemed to be making fun as the heat began taking its toll. Even the minimum temperatures saw a rise and went beyond 10 degrees making the nights warmer than before.

Experts had predicted earlier that the winter beginning with 2020 would be much colder due to the effect of cyclone La Nina. But the situation changed tremendously over the past few days and heat is being experienced in the winter season. The rise in heat has been described as the effect of anticyclone which is blocking cold winds coming from the north. As a result, the depression is not able to form in the west.

An anticyclone has been defined as a large circulation of winds around central region of high atmospheric pressure which is clockwise in Northern hemisphere and anti-clockwise in Southern hemisphere. To simplify anticyclones are centres of high pressure from where winds blow in every direction. The anticyclone over India sends warm winds from north-west to central and western India causing heat waves.

The met department says that there are all the possibilities of the western depression getting active in the coming days and winds from the northern areas will blow towards the plains which is likely to result in rainfall in Jhunjhunu, Sikar and Sriganganagar. The temperatures are also likely to drop by 4 degrees as a result of the rains. These changes might occur around mid December.

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