High-Security Number Plates Now Mandatory for All Vehicles

High-Security Number Plates Now Mandatory for All Vehicles

Failing to do so will face law under the Motor Vehicles Act...

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If you bought a vehicle before April 2019, you must get high-security number plates now. The Regional Transport Officer, P.L. Bamaniya said you can apply online on the State's Road Transport Department portal to get these plates for your old vehicles. 

Before April 2019, it was simple to mess with or take off existing number plates. This made it extremely difficult for the police and transportation authorities to track vehicles involved in crimes. Now, with the introduction of high-security number plates, we anticipate a decrease in vehicle thefts and other offenses. These plates can only be used once and, once attached to a vehicle, can't be easily removed. Instead, they require cutting to be taken off. 

He said that if you want to get a number plate for your vehicle, you can do it through the SIMM portal. Just enter your vehicle's registration number, engine number, and chassis number. Choose a dealer and a date for the plate installation. Once you pay the fee online, your booking will be confirmed. Finally, go to the dealer's office on the specified date to get your number plate installed. 

To get a number plate, the transportation department has set the prices. Dealers have to follow these prices when putting on number plates. If a dealer charges more than the set price, they will face consequences. 

As per the department's letter, vehicles with registration numbers ending in 1 or 2 should have high-security number plates installed by February 29. Those ending in 3 or 4 have until March 31, those ending in 5 or 6 until April 30, those ending in 7 or 8 until May 31, and those ending in 9 or 0 until June 30, 2024. 

If cars don't have high-security number plates after this time, they can get in trouble with the law under the Motor Vehicles Act.

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