Udaipur continues to maintain its tag of "World's Best Cities"

Udaipur continues to maintain its tag of  "World's Best Cities"

Udaipur city experiences a steady surge in monthly tourists arrivals

Udaipur City
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Tourism in Udaipur has been thriving in 2023, with a remarkable surge in visitor numbers every month. Notably, August 2023 stood out as a peak month for tourism in the city, welcoming an impressive 160,567 tourists. This surge reflects the enduring appeal of Udaipur as a top tourist destination, known for its rich cultural heritage, stunning architecture, and picturesque lakes, making it a must-visit location for travelers seeking a glimpse of India's vibrant history and natural beauty.

Undoubtedly, Udaipur transforms into a picturesque paradise during the rainy season, drawing tourists who relish the city's unique charm. As the winter season approaches, it's anticipated that, much like previous years, Udaipur will continue to attract visitors in the coming months.

According to sources, the data reveals that Udaipur received 151,300 domestic tourists and 9,267 foreign tourists. This represents a notable increase compared to the previous year. In August 2022, Udaipur hosted 142,370 domestic tourists and 5,230 international tourists, marking a clear rise in tourist footfall this year. This trend underscores Udaipur's enduring appeal as a destination that captivates both domestic and international travelers throughout the year.

In January 2023, Udaipur played host to a significant number of tourists, with 14,215 international visitors and a whopping 180,000 domestic tourists exploring the city. Shikha Saxena, Deputy Director of the Tourism Department, hailed these statistics as a remarkable achievement for Udaipur.

Furthermore, the city continued to attract international tourists in February, with a notable count of 15,378 foreign visitors. These figures underline Udaipur's continued popularity as a favored destination for both domestic and international travelers, making it a noteworthy success story for the tourism sector.

Month Domestic Tourists Foreign Tourists
August 151300 9267
July 130500 5461
June 120450 2295
May 127000 6476
April 116900 6754
March 138000 14026
February 140400 15378
January 180000 14215


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