Hiran Magri-Madri link bridge closed for 6 months

Hiran Magri-Madri link bridge closed for 6 months

A new bridge is under construction

Hiran Magri to Madri Bridge

A new bridge is being constructed to connect Madri Road and Hiran Magri Sector 3, which has led to the demolition of the old bridge. This construction work commenced last Friday and as a consequence, the road is temporarily closed. This means that in order to cross the river from Madri to Hiran Magri, an additional two-kilometer detour will now be required. A new four-lane bridge is currently under construction in this area. However, some people consider the demolition of the bridge built just two decades ago to be a misuse of resources.

The Ayad River separates Madri and Hiran Magri into two distinct parts. In 2004-05, a bridge was built in front of the FCI warehouse to link these two regions. Hiranmagri, including Sector 3, 4, and 5 residential colonies, has experienced significant growth, connecting them to the Madri industrial area. As a result, this bridge serves as a vital transportation link for thousands of people commuting between both areas.

UDA has approved a budget of 9.84 crore rupees for this project. The work order was issued in September, and construction work along the riverbank commenced 15 days ago. Traffic will be disrupted until the construction of the four-lane bridge is finished. In times of heavy traffic, the existing bridge had started to experience congestion issues.

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