Home Voting Started in Udaipur District for Elderly and Disabled Citizens

Home Voting Started in Udaipur District for Elderly and Disabled Citizens

3815 voters have opted for home voting in Udaipur District...

postal ballot voting

The election commission has facilitated Home Voting using Form 12D (Postal Ballot) for eligible voters over the age of 80 years and for those who are more than 40% Physically Challenged. The teams established in the 8 constituencies of Udaipur district facilitated voting among the identified voters following the prescribed route chart, visiting each household. Seizing the opportunity, elderly and differently-abled voters expressed their happiness as they exercised their voting rights with full enthusiasm. Furthermore, they conveyed satisfaction with the organization of the election commission. 

In the Udaipur district, 3815 voters have opted for home voting. To facilitate this process, 82 polling teams have been established across 8 assembly constituencies. The final training session for these polling teams, focusing on home voting procedures, occurred on Tuesday, November 14, 2023 morning at the Government Fatah Higher Secondary School.

The option of home voting has gained popularity among the electorate in Udaipur, with a significant number of 3815 voters choosing this method. To efficiently manage this, dedicated polling teams have been organized, totaling 82 teams across 8 assembly constituencies. 

In preparation for the upcoming home voting, a crucial final training session for the polling teams transpired on Tuesday morning. The venue for this training was the Government Fatah Higher Secondary School, where teams received comprehensive guidance on the procedures and protocols associated with home voting. This initiative aims to ensure a smooth and well-informed voting experience for those who have opted for the convenience of voting from home.

Voters exhibited significant enthusiasm towards the concept of home voting. The polling teams, accompanied by micro observers, BLOs (Booth Level Officers), and booth agents representing candidates, conducted the voting process with utmost transparency. They visited the homes of identified voters and facilitated the voting procedure with diligence.

A notable aspect of this initiative was the accommodation made for voters who faced difficulty getting up from their beds. In such cases, the voting process was seamlessly carried out directly on the bed, ensuring accessibility for all eligible individuals.

This innovative approach to home voting was met with appreciation from voters and their families, who expressed their joy and gratitude towards the Election Commission of India. Witnessing such arrangements for the first time left a positive impact, showcasing a commitment to inclusivity and convenience in the electoral process.


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