IAF Fighter Jets Crash: Experts investigate a possible mid-air crash in a court inquiry

IAF Fighter Jets Crash: Experts investigate a possible mid-air crash in a court inquiry

"The air collisions though rare, historically have taken place during aerobatics, formation or close combat flying when the aircraft are required to fly very close to each other." - Anchit Gupta, Aviation Historian

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1 Pilot killed in the crash 

A court of inquiry has been established to determine what caused the crash of two fighter planes from the Indian Air Force (IAF), a Sukhoi 30 and a Mirage 2000, which resulted in the death of a skilled pilot on January 28, 2023. According to IAF sources, there was a good chance that the two aircraft, which took out from the same air base, collided in midair, crashed at the same time, and their wreckage was later discovered in the same location. 

According to statistics provided by aviation historian Anchit Gupta, the Indian military has lost 62 aircraft in mid-air crashes during the past seven decades. According to IAF sources, the pilots were from the Tactics and Air Combat Development Establishment (TACDE) in Gwalior and flew the mission as a requirement for the fighter combat commander course, which is a demanding and sophisticated aerial combat training programme for IAF pilots from all streams. 

Ankit Asthana, the Morena District Collector, told PTI that both aircraft's debris landed in the Pahargarh area of the district, with part of it also hitting the adjoining Madhya Pradesh region of Bharatpur. Eyewitnesses were also cited in the PTI article as having witnessed two uniformed individuals parachuting into a nearby thicket after hearing a loud noise and seeing balls of fire fall to the ground. According to the eyewitnesses, the two men were rescued and afterwards flown to Gwalior for medical attention by an IAF helicopter.

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