Udaipur: Experts emphasize strategies for creating a child-friendly city

Udaipur: Experts emphasize strategies for creating a child-friendly city

The Urban 95 program was held in which ideas were shared by the experts 

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The Urban 95 program, in collaboration with the Municipal Corporation and the Bernard Van Leer Foundation, organized a workshop on Thursday. The workshop's objective was to foster comprehension regarding community involvement in monitoring and evaluating urban development initiatives. The focus was on aligning these efforts with the needs and preferences of young children and their parents.

The workshop saw the presence of representatives from state institutions, departments, private sector companies engaged in urban development, along with college students and architects. Kirti Rathore, Deputy Director of the Women and Child Development Department, emphasized that a community comprises individuals, underscoring the importance of commencing our efforts from within our own homes.

Creating a physically and mentally-emotionally supportive environment for young children at home allows us to contribute positively to the development of a child-friendly neighborhood and city through their early experiences. The emphasis was on fostering active engagement from the local community in various urban development initiatives. The speakers highlighted the importance of thorough monitoring and evaluation during the pre-implementation, implementation, and post-implementation phases of any project.

The session encompassed various subjects, comprising talks about project quality control and assurance, initial dialogues with the community prior to starting, giving importance to their understanding and requirements regarding the proposed work, stages of monitoring and evaluation during and after project finalization, and the creation of resources and investigative comprehension. Notable attendees at the session included prominent individuals like Shashibala Singh, Executive Engineer of the Municipal Corporation, Assistant Engineer Karnesh Mathur, and Dr. Gayatri Tiwari, a Professor at the Home Science College.

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