Illegal Construction and Sand Dumping Affecting Udaisagar Lake

Illegal Construction and Sand Dumping Affecting Udaisagar Lake

Illegal construction by land mafias deterioratingUdaisagar lake's condition...

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The Udaisagar Lake is known for its serene beauty and ecological significance, is facing a grave threat due to illegal construction activities and sand dumping by the land mafias. Despite claims of administrative action, the situation has worsened, with mafia activities expanding even into the lake bed.

Expansion of Illegal Construction

Recent reports reveal that the land mafia, led by Lakadwas, has undertaken extensive construction activities to develop a resort on the shores of Udaisagar Lake. Despite being designated as a no-construction zone, the mafia has erected 10 to 12 huts in the area, blatantly disregarding environmental regulations.

To accommodate the resort's expansion and prevent erosion caused by the lake's water, the mafia has started dumping truckloads of sand directly into Udaisagar Lake. This illegal practice not only disrupts the lake's natural ecosystem but also threatens its water quality and surrounding biodiversity.

Continuous Operation Amidst Environmental Regulations

Shockingly, the dumping activities persist unabated, with work continuing day and night to avoid detection. Despite being under the scrutiny of the high court, the mafia shows blatant disregard for environmental laws and regulations aimed at preserving the fragile ecosystem of Udaisagar Lake.

"A team has been sent to investigate the encroachment at Udaisagar Lake. Once the report is received, appropriate action will follow." - District Collector, Arvind Kumar Poswal.

The deteriorating condition of Udaisagar Lake demands urgent intervention from the authorities. Effective measures must be implemented to halt illegal construction activities, prevent further dumping, and hold the perpetrators accountable for their environmental violations. Failure to act swiftly risks irreparable damage to one of Rajasthan's natural treasures.

Source: Rajasthan Patrika

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