India to get back her stolen artifacts

India to get back her stolen artifacts

National art museum of Australia will be returning 14 art works which include painted scrolls and sculptures. 

The artifacts are reportedly associated with disgraced art dealer Subhash Kapoor.

The worth of these art works is around 3 million US dollars.

The art museum of Australia will be returning the stolen art works belonging to India. These art works hold a lot of importance for India. There are 14 artifacts which include stone and bronze sculptures, painted scrolls and photographs.

These artifacts are worth 3 million US dollars. Acquired by the National Gallery of Australia (NGA) between 1980-2009, the art works are associated with the “disgraced” art dealer Subhash Kapoor. The museum where these artifacts were preserved has established that these were stolen and illegally exported. The director of NGA said that the business practices of Kapoor were not ethical.

As per reports, this is the fourth time that the NGA is returning antiquities it bought from Kapoor, who is awaiting trial after being accused of running a smuggling ring for artifacts. The Indian High Commissioner to Australia, Manpreet Vohra said that the government of India is grateful for this extraordinary act of goodwill and gesture of friendship from Australia.  "These are outstanding pieces: their return will be extremely well-received by the government and people of India."

It may be noted that the museum agreed to return a USD 5 million statue in 2014, Shiva as Lord of the Dance, to India. The bronze statue was handed over to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The works being returned now are: Child-saint Sambandardancing child-saint Sambandar of 12th century belonging to Chola dynasty, Processional standard, from Hyderabad, Arch for a Jain shrine, 11th-12th century, Seated Jina, 1163 from Mount Abu region, Rajasthan, The divine couple Lakshmi and Vishnu [Lakshmi Narayana] 11-12th century, Durga Mahisasuramardini, from Gujarat.

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