Inmates of Udaipur Central Jail Manufacture Coolers

Inmates of Udaipur Central Jail Manufacture Coolers

The prison is nearing completion of 596 coolers for the Rajasthan Police Department

cooler made in jail

Inmates at Udaipur Central Jail have taken on a commendable initiative to combat the scorching heat by crafting 500 desert coolers. These coolers, known for their durability, are in high demand due to their quality. This effort is part of the prison's broader rehabilitation program, aiming to equip inmates with skills for self-sufficiency upon their release.

Cooler Manufacturing Initiative

Under the guidance of Central Jail Superintendent Rajpal Singh, inmates have been actively involved in manufacturing desert coolers within the prison workshop. Despite the high demand for these coolers, Superintendent Singh emphasizes that the initiative is not profit-driven but rather focused on rehabilitation.

Supplying to Rajasthan Police Department

Moreover, the prison is nearing completion of 596 coolers for the Rajasthan Police Department. These coolers, constructed with sturdy 22-gauge sheets, have a substantial tank capacity of 90 liters, a feature uncommon in standard models. Their durability has led to a surge in demand from various departments and individuals.

Training and Rehabilitation Programs

In addition to cooler production, inmates are engaged in diverse training programs aimed at enhancing their skills and well-being. They receive instruction in sewing, carpet weaving, computers, and music, fostering both vocational abilities and creative outlets. To alleviate stress, yoga, meditation, and pranayama sessions are also conducted regularly, promoting mental and emotional well-being among inmates.

Furthermore, the prison houses an inmate band available for bookings, notably for wedding ceremonies. This initiative not only provides inmates with opportunities for creative expression but also fosters positive interactions with the community outside the prison walls.


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