Insects create terror in a government school

Insect attack creates alien effect in a government school.

Insects create terror in a government school

A government school is under great terror as some insects have been attacking children constantly. The scene is no different from any alien movie.

There is a government school in Sajjan nagar Block A. There have been reports that certain insects falls in groups from trees at the entry gate and the rest of the premise of the school. These insects then attack children and the bite from these insects gives rise to boils and rashes which itch a great deal.

As per one of the school teachers, these insects breed on the trees and then fall in groups. They even spread on the walls and ceiling and fall on the children and bite them. The school administration said that pesticide spray work was also carried out but it did not have any effect on these poisonous insects. District administration and area ward have also been notified.

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