Rajasthan has increased Inter-caste Marriage Scheme incentive upto Rs 10 Lakhs

Rajasthan has increased Inter-caste Marriage Scheme incentive upto Rs 10 Lakhs

A notification was issued by the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment regarding this 

Intercaste Marriage Incentives

The state administration increased the incentive for inter-caste marriages on Thursday to Rs 10 lakh. This was recently declared by the chief minister Ashok Gehlot in the budget for 2023–2024.  Dr. Savita Ben Ambedkar Inter-caste Marriage Scheme's funding was increased by Rs. 5 lakh on Thursday 23 March, 2023, according to orders from the department of social justice and empowerment. In the past, the government offered a Rs. 5 lakh reward for intercaste unions.

Since Thursday, the decision has been in effect. Couples who marry outside their caste will receive Rs. 10 lakh, of which Rs. 5 lakh will be made as a fixed deposit for eight years and the remaining Rs. 5 lakh will be put into a joint bank account of the bride and groom. 

This programme was introduced in 2006 by the social justice and empowerment agency. The newlywed pair used to receive Rs. 50,000 under this programme. But it was increased to 5 lakh in April 2013. In accordance with this plan, the state governments pay 75% of the cost and the central government 25%.

In the previous fiscal year, the government issued Rs 33.55 crore, and in the current fiscal year, more than 4.5 crore. In accordance with the programme's requirements, either the boy or the female must be from a Schedule Caste. Any person under 35 years old who has never been found guilty of a crime should not earn more than Rs. 2.5 lakh annually in combined revenue. If the application is submitted within a year of the date of marriage, the benefit under the scheme will be paid. (first marriage only). 

Sources: The Economic Times


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