Is it Lotus pond (kamal talai) or is it algae pond (kaai talai)?

Is it Lotus pond (kamal talai) or is it algae pond (kaai talai)?

The Kamal talai at Gulab Bagh is dying. 
Is it Lotus pond (kamal talai) or is it algae pond (kaai talai)?
Too many plans were made, budgets passed but the lotus pond at Gulab Bagh is still craving for attention.
This is what we have now in the lotus pond.

Gulab bagh is known for its beauty of roses, its greenery which makes it the oxygen hub of Udaipur and the most famous Lotus pond commonly known as the Kamal talai. But where are the lotuses? 
Has the present generation ever seen lotuses in this oxygen park? Do they even know what this lotus pond actually looks like when in full bloom? Probably they don't and the real form of this pond may only become history if not taken care of urgently. 

The kamal talai is craving for attention. There are no lotuses in this pond but only algae and dirt. The stench is enough to keep the people away and first look of this place may not even tell people that it is that place where lotuses have bloomed in the past.

Water to this pond comes from Lake Pichola. Once this pond gets filled, the nearing areas also get water through the channels. Tile work was done by Municipal Corporation to cover up the undone areas, then they took off the tiles to install a fountain here. The basic area which bloomed with flowers was covered with tiles, hence there could be no lotuses here. 

The natural surroundings of the pond have been disturbed to a great extent. How will the city and the tourists ever know that Gulab Bagh was basically the most beautiful place and the centres of attraction in this place are already a victim of negligence??

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