Rs 100 Crore Defamation Notice to MP Maneka Gandhi

Rs 100 Crore Defamation Notice to MP Maneka Gandhi

The organisation has acted after the viral video accusing ISKCON of selling cows to butchers

ISKCON Maneka Gandhi Notice 100 Crore

BJP MP Maneka Gandhi's video, allegedly accusing ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) of selling cows housed in the cattle shelters (Gaushalas) run by ISKCON has landed her in trouble, as per media reports.

ISKCON has reportedly sent a defamation notice to Maneka Gandhi, who was heard in the video, saying the ISKCON is the biggest fraud and it sells the cows housed in its cattle shelters to butchers.

An undated video of the BJP MP, who is also an animal rights activist, shows her accusing (in Hindi) ISKCON of fraud. She reportedly said that ISKCON established Gaushalas and earns unlimited benefits for the same from the government, in the form of huge lands. Her statement, "Sabse badhe jo yahan desh ke dhokezaaz hain, woh hain ISKCON. Woh rakhte hain gaushale aur sarkaar se duniya bhar ka unhe fayda milta hai gaushala chalane ke liye...". In the video she has elaborated on her visit to the Anantapur Gaushala (Andhra Pradesh) and said that not a single dry cow was there in the Gaushala.  ISKCON authorities have refuted her claim and said that not a single person at ISKCON Anantapur Gaushala remembers Maneka Gandhi.

Udaipur Times called senior members of the ISKCON in Udaipur, but within their right, they abstained from commenting.

In an official statement, ISKCON said that within India, the organisation runs over 60 gaushalas that protects hundreds of sacred cows and bulls and provides personal case for their entire lifetime. It further added that many of the cows brought into these shelters were found abandoned, injured or were rescued from slsaughter houses.

ISKCON has further said that their devotees across the world have been hurt by the BJP MPs statements and thus the organisation is taking legal action of defamation of Rs 100 Crore against the BJP MP. The notice, as per media reports, was sent on 29 September.

As per media reports, Akhilesh Yadav, the chief of the Samajvadi Party said that Maneka Gandhi's statements are a part of a larger conspiracy to spread animosity in society.

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