Jaisamand Sanctuary: Leopard Sanctuary is anticipated to open in May, 2023

Jaisamand Sanctuary: Leopard Sanctuary is anticipated to open in May, 2023


Jaisamand Sanctuary, one of the major tourist destinations, is starting its leopard safari. The Rajasthan government has allowed the use of safari vehicles that are 15 years old. The leopard safari is anticipated to begin from next month of May, 2023. There will be 16-16 jeeps operating in the safari each morning and evening, and the jeep rental will likely cost Rs. 2500. Six tourists will be allowed to ride on one jeep. Entry fees and guide costs must be paid separately by tourists.

According to CCF Wildlife, Sh. R.K. Khairwa, 8-year-old jeeps used to be permitted to run around the sanctuary earlier but because there was no vehicle available, the safari could not begin. After that, he requested authorization to drive jeeps that are 15 years old in a letter to the Jaipur headquarters and the permission is now being granted. 

According to wildlife reports, there are 18 to 20 leopard, 70-75 Chital, 18-20 Sambar deer, 10-15 Chinkara, 1 bear, 500-550 Monkey, Peacock 550-600, Nilgai 250-300, Rabbit 350-400, Fox 100-150, Wild Pig 250-300. Reptiles like Python are 25-30, Common Krait 10-15 and Cobra 200-300 and other animals are found respectively. 

It has now become expensive to watch wildlife activities in Sajjangarh, Phulwari ki Nal and Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary. Indian tourists now have to pay 130 instead of 100, Students have to pay 50 instead of 45 and Foreigners will have to pay 500 instead of 455. Even the fees of car and jeep have increased up to 450 from 305 and two-wheelers will cost 60 instead of 55. Also eco-surcharge will be added to the fees.  


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