Keemiya Creatives Partners with Ananke's Women in Literature Festival 2024

Keemiya Creatives Partners with Ananke's Women in Literature Festival 2024 

Keemiya Creatives Partners with Ananke's Women in Literature Festival 2024 as the social media partner to Champion Diversity and Inclusivity in Literature...

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Keemiya Creatives, a leading creative agency specializing in literary events and promotions, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with the Ananke Women in Literature Festival 2024 as the social media partner. This partnership marks a significant step towards fostering diversity, gender equality, and inclusivity in the literary world.

The Ananke's Women in Literature Festival, renowned for its commitment to showcasing the voices from the global south, has joined forces with Keemiya Creatives to expand its reach and impact. Through this collaboration, both organizations aim to empower authors from the global south, celebrate their achievements, and amplify their voices on a global stage. 

"We are delighted to partner with the Ananke Women in Literature Festival to promote diversity and inclusivity in literature," said Namrata, Founder at Keemiya Creatives. "At Keemiya Creatives, we believe in the power of storytelling to drive positive change and inspire meaningful conversations. Together with the Ananke Festival, we are committed to creating a platform where writers from the global south can thrive and their stories can be heard."

Keemiya Creatives will leverage its expertise in digital marketing and social media to amplify the voices of women writers featured in the Ananke Women in Literature Festival. Through targeted outreach and strategic digital campaigns, Keemiya Creatives will bring these voices to a global audience, increasing visibility and engagement for participating authors. 

"We live in a world reeking with divisive polarization, hate, prejudice, and a debilitating lack of compassion. Yes indeed, we need to continuously raise awareness about these ills of our society. More conversations about overcoming them are critical, truly! It is also imperative to have a dialogue when it comes to sensitization of our society with the flood of noisy disinformation and misinformation, embracing inclusion and diversity that is direly needed if we want to create a community. Everyone coming together. We need to talk about peace. Mobilizing change means listening to one another and working together. These, for me, form the foundations of change... of peace. We need to walk the talk only then we can grow -together and I truly believe this is how we can also begin to heal the world." Sabin Muzaffar, Founder, and Editor, of Ananke Mag shared.

She further added, "Partnering with Keemiya Creatives is an immense pleasure and privilege for Ananke. An organization aligned with a similar vision; one that celebrates a diverse set of voices and binds people with impactful narratives to make them meditate thereby sparking change is tremendous. It was certainly a no-brainer for us to collaborate and embark on this incredible journey together. I am excited in anticipation for our audience to experience the magic created due to this key alliance.”

The partnership between Keemiya Creatives and the Ananke's Women in Literature Festival 2024 represents a shared commitment to promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion in literature. By working together, the organizations aim to create a more equitable and representative literary landscape where all voices are heard and celebrated.

For more information about Keemiya Creatives and the Ananke Women in Literature Festival, please visit and, respectively. 

About Keemiya Creatives: 

Keemiya Creatives is a Mumbai-based literary consultancy. Established in 2018, they work with authors and publishers in various capacities.

Their wide range of services includes editing, ghostwriting, author branding, and book marketing. They also offer workshops on publishing and marketing to help authors polish, publish, and promote their books. They specialise in social media management and social media marketing having created quite a few bestsellers through their unique and innovative marketing ideas.

At Keemiya Creatives, they believe every story is born out of a need to be written, told, and heard. With industry expertise and decades of experience in publishing they aim to be the 3 am friend for an author on their journey to become a published author. 

About Ananke's Women in Literature Festival:

Founded in 2021, Ananke's Women in Literature Foundation (Ananke WLF), focuses on the written word and publishing in the Global South with a vision to create narratives about democratizing the literary landscape.

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