Kidnapping at UIT circle on Saturday night

Kidnapping at UIT circle on Saturday night

A man was kidnapped at UIT circle on Saturday night and taken to Hotel Arjun Bagh.

Kidnapping at UIT circle on Saturday night

Late Saturday night, a youth was kidnapped by 4 goons at UIT circle. These 4 men were in a car which did not have registration number.

As per reports, Sohail was taking a stroll after dinner when these 4 youth in Polo car approached him. They posed to be familiar with Sohail and pushed him in the car while physically bashing him up. Then these 4 youth took Sohail to Hotel Arjun Bagh.

In the hotel, these 4 youth made a video call and showed Sohail to some Mohammed Mohsin. Mohsin confirmed that Soahil was the person he was looking for. After this, the 4 youth threatened to kill Sohail if he did not get them 40 thousand rupees.

Sohail called up his friend and asked him to get 40 thousand rupees from home. Then his family members informed police about the incident. It has been reported by Sohail’s family that police did not take action immediately after reaching the hotel. This way the goons got a chance to escape from the spot. Police did not even break open the room of hotel where Sohail was in captivity. Somehow when Sohail came out of the room, police did not even arrest the goons instead started interrogating Sohail.

Family members of the victim have reported that they kept on requesting police to arrest the 4 youth who had kidnapped Sohail, but police did not pay heed to their requests. People around who watched the entire scene have confirmed that police was not making any attempts to nab the culprits. This gave them a chance to escape.

Later NSUI leader Krishna Pal Chundawat informed that the hotel belongs to him but he has given it to someone on lease. Later on police arrested Raghuveer Singh of Nimbaheda and Parikshit Sharma for kidnapping Sohail. The others are yet to be traced.

Source : media reports

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