Kumbhalgarh receives ‘Tiger Reserve’ designation approval

Kumbhalgarh receives ‘Tiger Reserve’ designation approval

Bhupendra Yadav, BJP Leader of Rajasthan made announcement on Twitter

Bhupendra Yadav

Bhupendra Kumar Yadav, BJP leader from Rajasthan recently shared an announcement on platform X regarding Kumbhalgarh in Rajasthan. He revealed that the government has given the green light to designate Kumbhalgarh as a Tiger Reserve. Prior to 1970, Kumbhalgarh served as a pristine habitat for large feline species, boasting a thriving prey population and minimal human disruption.

In January 2023, Diya Kumari, a Member of the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) and a BJP Member of Parliament from Rajsamand, vocally advocated for the transformation of Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary into a tiger reserve. This noteworthy stance was taken during the 22nd NTCA meeting held at the Bandipur Tiger Reserve in Karnataka. The meeting, presided over by Union Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Bhupendra Yadav, saw Diya Kumari highlighting the progress made by NTCA in preparing a feasibility assessment report. She emphasized that the Rajasthan government's responsibility was to act on the report's findings and submit it, along with their recommendations, to the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.

A committee comprising four members, appointed by the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), has identified the Kumbhalgarh Sanctuary in Rajasthan as a promising candidate for a tiger reserve. Officials have confirmed that the committee conducted an extensive survey of the sanctuary's area and recognized its potential as the fifth tiger reserve. However, the committee also expressed specific concerns. The committee meticulously prepared a draft report, which has been submitted to the NTCA. The report recommended the allocation of a 2053 sq km region for the proposed tiger reserve. This reserve would span four districts: Udaipur, Pali, Rajsamand, and Sirohi. The committee consisted of retired Indian Forest Service (IFS) officers, RN Mehrotra and NK Vasu, as well as Hemant Singh, an Assistant Inspector General of Forest from the NTCA.

A senior official from the forest department, well-versed in these developments, disclosed that following the survey, the committee has recognized the Kumbhalgarh Sanctuary as a potential tiger habitat. However, this recognition comes with the condition that certain stipulations must be met by the state government.

Tiger reserves often encompass diverse ecosystems that support a wide range of flora and fauna. Protecting these areas helps maintain the overall biodiversity of the region and prevents the loss of various plant and animal species. Kumbhalgarh Tiger reserve will boost local economies through increased tourism. Tourists are drawn to these reserves to witness the majestic big cats and other wildlife, which can lead to the growth of hospitality and tourism-related businesses in the area.

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