Kumbhalgarh approved as Tiger Reserve but arrival of tigers is expected in 4-5 years

Kumbhalgarh approved as Tiger Reserve but arrival of tigers is expected in 4-5 years

Kumbhalgarh tiger reserve will boost local economies through increased tourism

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Bhupendra Kumar Yadav, a BJP leader from Rajasthan, recently made an announcement on platform X regarding Kumbhalgarh in Rajasthan. He disclosed that the government has approved the designation of Kumbhalgarh as a Tiger Reserve. However, there is no likelihood of tigers inhabiting the sanctuary for the next 4 to 5 years. The primary obstacle faced by the Forest Department is relocating 20 villages situated within the sanctuary area. Alongside the sanctuary itself, the significant challenge extends to the displacement of approximately 800 villages located in the surrounding periphery of the four districts: Udaipur, Rajsamand, Pali, and Beawar.

The department might require over 4 years to complete the displacement of these villages. Until this relocation is accomplished, the entry of tigers into the Kumbhalgarh sanctuary remains implausible. The envisioned Kumbhalgarh Tiger Reserve is slated to cover approximately 2800 square km. The technical committee, which supported the proposal's approval, emphasized that the state government must submit an updated proposal outlining the land usage, core and buffer zones, and eco-sensitive areas.

Following the National Tiger Authority's (NTCA) provisional approval for the Kumbhalgarh Tiger Reserve, officials from the Rajsamand Forest Department sprang into action. The Rajsamand Divisional Forest Officer (DFO), along with a team, conducted a visit to the Kumbhalgarh area. They assessed various zones within Kumbhalgarh, observing the essential preparations for the Tiger Reserve. Notably, a grassland spanning 400 hectares is being established primarily for the tigers in the sanctuary area. Additionally, new grasslands are being cultivated, covering 200 hectares in the Kumbhalgarh Century and another 200 hectares in the Raoli Todgarh Conservation Century. These grasslands will serve as breeding grounds for prey animals, essential for the sustenance of tiger populations. Noteworthy is the fact that the involvement of Rajsamand Member of Parliament, Diya Kumari, in the NTCA has spurred intensified efforts towards realizing the Kumbhalgarh Tiger Reserve.

The Tiger Reserve will encompass a core area of 800 square km, incorporating the forests of Kumbhalgarh, Aravalli, and Todgarh regions. The extensive stretch connecting Kumbhalgarh Sanctuary to Raoli Todgarh will provide a habitat for tigers. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore not only the Tiger Reserve but also the region's historical sites, religious landmarks, and picturesque lakes. Kumbhalgarh Tiger reserve will boost local economies through increased tourism. Tourists are drawn to these reserves to witness the majestic big cats and other wildlife, which can lead to the growth of hospitality and tourism-related businesses in the area.


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