Labour contractor disappears with wages

Labour contractor disappears with wages

Labour contractor with daily wages to be paid to labour.

Labour contractor disappears with wages

A labour contractor disappeared with daily wages of labour before the festival of holi. Complaints have been registered against this contractor in Hiranmagri police station.

Resident of RK Puram, labour contractor Raees Khan disappeared with daily wages of 40 people working as labour. As per reports Raees ran away with all the money that he was supposed to pay to the labour for a number of days. Police officials from Hiranmagri police station said that around 10 to 12 people are daily registering the same complaint against this labour contractor.

There on the other hand the labour contractor’s wife has complained that police forcibly held back her 15 year old son Samir in police station as bait. Police has contradicted this statement from the woman saying that she is merely trying to save her husband from being arrested.

Police officials confirmed that they had gone to residence of Raees Khan and since he was not there, his wife was called to the police station for clarification. Wife Shabana denied having any knowledge of her husband’s whereabouts. After Shabana left the police station, her son also reported and gave the same statement as Shabana.

Now the labour contractor’s wife is accusing the police for holding back her son. Contrary to the statement given by police, Ritu Mehta-Incharge of Women’s clinic said that Samir was held back in police station from 4 p.m. on Tuesday until 8 p.m. on Wednesday. She also said that when she went to the police station, Samir was made to escape from the police station by some police men and sent home in a car.

Shabana revealed to the police that her labour contractor husband Raees did not give her any money for daily expenses and that she was working as maid in various houses to earn her living.

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