Udaipur lacks in accurate hotels and guest houses records

Udaipur lacks in accurate hotels and guest houses records

Some are operating without proper licenses in Udaipur...

 Paying Guest Houses

Udaipur attracts numerous tourists every month, yet there is no accurate record of the number of hotels and paying guest houses available. Many individuals have established hotels within residential areas, while some have designated rooms in their homes for renting to tourists. Additionally, in the outskirts, several paying guest houses operate under the guise of farmhouses.

The Municipal Corporation, the Urban Development Authority (UDA), and the Tourism Department are cognizant of these establishments. However, a comprehensive and detailed dataset on these accommodations is currently unavailable. The lack of this crucial information poses a challenge in managing and regulating the hospitality sector in the city. Efforts to compile and maintain such records could significantly contribute to effective urban planning and tourism management in Udaipur.

The online records of hotels and paying guest houses in question highlight that over three thousand operators have actively advertised their bookings. In the unfortunate event of an incident with a tourist at any location, the only recourse appears to be placing blame on another department. 

According to the sources, none of them holds a valid commercial license. This discovery raises concerns about the regulation and oversight of these accommodations, emphasizing the need for stricter licensing measures to ensure the safety and compliance of such establishments in the hospitality sector.

Numerous residential buildings are currently operating in violation of regulations, with some involved in unethical activities. A significant number of irregularities have been identified, particularly in paying guest houses that operate under the pretext of farmhouses in outer areas.

According to available records, the municipal corporation has officially registered only 229 hotels, focusing on aspects like cleanliness and revenue collection. Meanwhile, the tourism department has given its approval to around 200 paying guest houses.

Following are rules for opening a paying guest house

  • To set up a paying guest house, applying to the Tourism Department is required.
  • When filling the form, the applicant needs the municipal corporation's license.
  • Minimum five rooms required, and the applicant must reside there.
  • Food products should be available for tourists.
  • Every documents should be verified by the police.
  • Tourist department approval required after police verification.
  • Tourism officer approval required after police verification.

Source: Rajasthan Patrika

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