Udaipur Waste Management: Lack of Waste Separation Poses Challenges in City Cleanliness

Udaipur Waste Management: Lack of Waste Separation Poses Challenges in City Cleanliness

Mixing Dry and Wet Waste in Single Bins Raises Concerns

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Despite educational efforts, the city faces challenges in waste separation between wet and dry materials. Daily conflicts arise between waste collection operators and residents due to mixed waste disposal practices. Many educated individuals are contributing to this problem by disposing of mixed waste in a single dustbin, complicating the separation process. Despite awareness campaigns and music played on collection vehicles, public adherence remains low.

A recent observation of cleanliness and waste collection procedures in various locations unveiled significant shortcomings. UDA and  Udaipur Municipal Corporation have yet to implement strict measures to address this issue, while fines are being levied in other areas.

Significant Spending on Waste Management Projects

Currently, the UDA and Udaipur Municipal Corporation are investing substantial amounts in waste management tenders. However, achieving a clean city remains challenging without widespread public awareness and participation in waste separation practices. 

Enforcement of Solid Waste Management Rules

Under the Solid Waste Management Rules 2016, penalties can be imposed on establishments and households for non-compliance. Every household in residential areas is now required to have separate blue and green bins for wet and dry waste. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in fines. 

Importance of Waste Separation

Separating waste is crucial for effective waste management. Wet waste, consisting of biodegradable materials such as vegetable peels, fruit remnants, and leftover food, can be composted. Dry waste, including paper, glass, plastic, and metals, is recyclable. It is essential to ensure that dry waste is clean and uncontaminated for recycling purposes. 

Source: Rajasthan Patrika

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