"Condition of some lakes in Udaipur is poor and needs monitoring", says Dr. Anil Mehta

"Condition of some lakes in Udaipur is poor and needs monitoring", says Dr. Anil Mehta

Poor condition of lakes in Udaipur
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The lakes of Udaipur, which are the life blood of the city, seem to be in a sorry state of affairs as per Dr Anil Mehta, who has been at the forefront of lake conservation in Udaipur.

According to Dr Mehta, a team of lake enthusiasts and conservationists had visited various places on the banks of Pichhola lake in Udaipur. The areas included Panch Deoria, Manjhi Mandir, Naga Nagri, Nathi Ghat, Kumhariya Talab, etc. to assess the the actual condition of the lake.

Lakes of Udaipur

After a through recce of the area, they said that due to the growth of aquatic weeds, the colour of water in Kumhariya Talab has turned green at many places. The dividing machine is not working and a floating fountain installed to increase oxygen is lying closed.

At some places, sewer is falling into the lake. An old sewerage tank made in the lake has a hole in the bottom. Due to this, there is a fear that when the lake fills up, the water from here will flow into the sewer line and will be wasted.

Dr. Mehta suggested that continuous and regular monitoring by the administration is necessary for proper maintenance and beautification. Also, the nets installed to stop the garbage in the chamber of rain water system should be made properly so that the garbage coming with the rain flow can be completely stopped from going into the lake.

Dr Anil Mehta; Tej Shankar Paliwal, former member of Lake Development Authority; Nand Kishore Sharma, Director of Gandhi Manav Kalyan Samiti; Pallab Dutta, former AfPRO and King Sena;  Ghanendra Singh Saroha, Udaipur Bachao Sangharsh Samiti strategist were among those present at the inspection.

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