10-Feet Long Python rescued from Lasadiya region of Udaipur

10-Feet Long Python rescued from Lasadiya region of Udaipur

The forest officials arrived on time and rescued the snake

Python Found In Lasadiya Village Udaipur

A 10-feet-tall python caused a stir in the village of Annadiyon Ka Guda, located in the Lasadiya region of Udaipur. The unexpected appearance of the large snake in Ratan Talai village's field created panic among the villagers. The alarmed residents wasted no time and promptly notified the local forest department about the situation.

In response to the alert, Forester Sonam Meena, along with Assistant Forester Babulal Sharma and Home Guard Vestaram, quickly arrived at the scene. They diligently worked for approximately thirty minutes, employing their expertise and effort to bring the python under control. Eventually, Forester Sonam Meena successfully managed to handle the situation.

The rescued python was safely released into the dense forests, providing a sense of relief to the villagers. It was discovered that the presence of hilly and forested areas surrounding the village contributed to the abundance of pythons and snakes in the region. This information shed light on the reason behind the frequent encounters with these reptiles in the area.

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