Leopard Attacks Cause Alarm in Udaipur Region

Leopard Attacks Cause Alarm in Udaipur Region

Leopard Sightings Rise in Udaipur's Urban and Rural Areas...

Leopard Attacks

Concerns Rise Among Locals

Attack in Phalasiya Village of Udaipur District

In a series of alarming events, Leopard attacks have sparked concern among residents of the Udaipur region. The most recent incident took place in the Phalasiya village of Udaipur district, where an elderly individual was viciously attacked while sleeping in the courtyard of his home. The attack occurred in the early hours of the morning in Madla Umariya of Phalasiya. Shockingly, the victim's son witnessed the attack and bravely fought with the Leopard for 10 minutes to save his father's life. Both father and son sustained serious injuries during the struggle.

Phalasiya Village Attack

Prompt action was taken as concerned villagers swiftly notified the forest department upon spotting the panther in the village. Teams from the forest department arrived promptly to assess the situation and take necessary action. Following the incident, the injured individuals were promptly treated and referred to medical facilities in Udaipur for further care. 

Dungarpur Attack

This incident follows a similar attack in Dungarpur, where a newspaper distributor fell victim to a Leopard’s attack.

Leopard attack

Urban Encounters: Leopard Sighted at Hiran Magri

In a separate incident, a leopard was sighted in the suburban area of Hiran Magri. CCTV footage captured the recent movement of the leopard, causing fear among residents for their safety. The footage revealed the leopard running in the area late at night.

Leopard Attack

Responding swiftly to the situation, the forest department has installed cages in the densely populated area of Hiran Magri, particularly focusing on the colony behind the Sector 6 police station. Additionally, heightened surveillance measures have been implemented near the Tara Institute, known for its eye treatment services.

Residents, alarmed by the presence of the leopard, have taken proactive measures by installing CCTV cameras outside their homes. The footage captured by these cameras has been instrumental in prompting immediate action from the forest department. 

Councillor Devendra Pujari of Ward 26 has highlighted a concerning trend regarding leopard sightings in the area, noting a steady increase. This recent sighting marks the third occurrence of a leopard being spotted in the vicinity. Additionally, observations of a leopard cub's movement in the area suggest the presence of a mother leopard nearby. In response to these sightings, the forest department has taken precautionary measures by intensifying surveillance and installing cages in the affected area. 

Farmer Attacked in Ghasa Village

In the Ghasa village of Udaipur district, a leopard that had attacked a farmer was captured by a team from the forest department following a seven-hour rescue operation. Prior to its capture, the leopard also attacked relatives who had come to visit the injured farmer.

Ghasa Village Attack by Leopard

Concerns in Urban Areas of Udaipur

Incidents of leopard sightings are not limited to rural areas, as threats have been reported in urban areas of Udaipur as well. Previous encounters include a threat to a private hostel in Manva Kheda, Hiran Magri, followed by sightings in the Dewali area and along Sector 6 main road. Reports of leopard movement near the New RTO Office and between Fateh Sagar and Badi Road have further heightened concerns among residents. 

Rani Road

Leopard Spotted at Rani Road, Udaipur

Residents are urged to remain vigilant and report any sightings or suspicious activities to the authorities promptly. The forest department continues to monitor the situation closely and take necessary measures to ensure the safety of residents in the region.

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