Life bounces back in the city's beautiful lakes

Life bounces back in the city's beautiful lakes

The water is now clean. The lakes are breathing and giving a much wanted picture now.
Life bounces back in the city's beautiful lakes

-The lockdown has done wonders to the region's water bodies. 

-The lakes that were yelling for peace have finally attained their calm and clear waters.

Udaipur lakes are looking extremely beautiful these days. Post the lockdown, the lakes got their beauty sleep and got rid of the tired and "drained-out" look. The beauty regime is obviously the result of the lockdown due to covid19. No wonder, the lockdown has resulted in an almost pollution free India and Udaipur is happy with the result.

The lakes are breathing as the circulation of oxygen in the waters has increased. Earlier pollution due to wastage, sewerage, garbage and even boating was resulting in water pollution. No wonder it has been stated that the water of Udaipur lakes is almost as clear and holy as that of the Ganges and all this is because of the lockdown period.

Haven't you noticed that the air is lighter and much easier to breathe in? Are you not enjoying those walks on your terrace? Hasn't distant view become much more visible? Thanks to the lockdown!! The pollution level has gone so low that if compared we can actually say that there is no pollution any more. 

The lake sides are free of garbage, no more plates and bottles and packaging items floating on the lakes. Since there are no tourists and the hotels are not operating, wastage from the hotels is not falling into the lakes, hence no contamination. The fish will now breathe and enjoy in their empire. We can say that we have crystal clear water in the lakes of Udaipur. 

A sample of the water from one of the lakes has been taken to check the water quality. This is obvious that the results will be amazing. The level of oxygen has increased in the waters which has resulted in the purity of water. 

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