Little girl abducted from child ward-Found after 12 hours

Little girl abducted from child ward-Found after 12 hours

A little girl was picked from MB Hospital by a beggar woman.

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Little girl abducted from child ward-Found after 12 hours

A little girl suddenly disappeared from child ward nursery of MB Hospital on Wednesday. She was found by police 12 hours later on Thursday morning.

1 and half year old Shivanya was playing in child ward nursery and ten minutes later when parents went to take a look at her, they found her missing. Parents Govind Singh and Rekha Chundawat were in for a shock when they didn’t find their daughter in the nursery. When they enquired with the guard of the nursery, he denied having any information about Shivanya. They searched everywhere but the little girl was not to be found. Police and Home Guards on duty in MB Hospital reached the child ward and took details of the little girl and the time of her disappearance. The incident took place around 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

Hospital staff, police and home guards kept searching every nook and corner of the hospital but didn’t find the little girl anywhere. Thursday morning at 8:30 police informed that the little girl was found at Fatehpura and was with a woman.

Govind and his wife Rekha were in the hospital visiting Rekha’s sister who had delivered a child. Shivanya was with them and while being extremely playful she walked towards the hospital ramp from where she was taken away by a woman who was a beggar. All this was recorded in the CCTV camera of the hospital as per which police traced the beggar woman and recovered the child.

Little girl abducted from child ward-Found after 12 hours

Hathipole SI said that someone informed them that a woman who was frequently seen begging in hospital premises was seen walking away with a girl child. The woman was recognised as a beggar who lived in Badgaon. Police reached Badgaon and spotted the woman with the stolen child. The little girl has been handed over to her parents.

When interrogated, the beggar woman revealed that the little girl was crying and there was no one near her. This is the reason why she got the child home with her. Police says that there are all the possibilities that the beggar woman wanted to keep the child with her and that there does not seem to be a connection between her and child traffickers.

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