LOCKDOWN Phase 2 | GUIDELINES - List of Activities permitted post 20 April

LOCKDOWN Phase 2 | GUIDELINES - List of Activities permitted post 20 April

Farming operations, supply chain of Milk and Milk products, live stock farming, poultry, tea, coffee, rubber plantations, construction, interstate transport, are some of the activities that will be permitted.
LOCKDOWN Phase 2 | GUIDELINES - List of Activities permitted post 20 April
All these allowances will be given in those areas that are designated as COVID Safe Zones post 20 April

A list of activities, specially aimed at giving relief to major sections of the population will be allowed to function post 20 April, in addition to those that are already exempt.

Prime Minister Modi, in consultation with his advisors and state heads, declared on 14 April that the lockdown will be extended till 3 May.  He had, however added that there will be comprehensive and strict monitoring of the performance of states, cities and police station areas in each city, to determine whether the area can be given certain relief options to ignite a kick start to the economic activies in those areas.

As per guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, Agriculture activities, IT, e-Commerce, and inter-state transport will be permitted after 20 April to mitigate hardships to public. 

The guidelines further said that in areas that are NOT COVID Hotspots after 20 April, the government will permit Farming operations, including procurement of agricultural products and agriculture marketing through notified mandis, as well as direct and decentralized marketing.

Permitted areas will be allowed to commence operations in supply chain of poultry, live stock farming*, Milk and Milk products.  Tea, Coffee and rubber plantations will resume in those areas that are identified as safe.

The order further intimated, that in order to provide the much needed impetus to the rural economy, the following economic activities will be permitted in those areas that are NOT COVID HOTSPOTS, post 20 April.

Industries operating in Rural Areas, Food Processing industries, contruction of roads, irrigation projects, buildings, industrial projects in Rural areas and works under MNREGA.  Priority will be given to irrigation and water conservation works, operation of rural Common Service Centres (CSCs) have been allowed.

The ministry order further specified that the permitted activities will be operationalized by States/Union Territories and District Administration based on strict compliance to existing guideines on lockdown measures.

*Livestock is commonly defined as domesticated animals raised in an agricultural setting to produce labor and commodities such as meat, eggs, milk, fur, leather, and wool

Before operating these relaxations, administration shall ensure that app preparatory arrangements with regard to Social Distancing in offices, workplaces, factories, and establishments, as also other sectoral requirements are in place.

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