Love marriage and hungama-Girl marries a married man

Love marriage and hungama-Girl marries a married man

Spice of the day : Hungama after love marriage-What will happen now??

Love marriage and hungama-Girl marries a married man

 A girl fell in love with a married man, they got married but this was obviously not the end. This love marriage resulted in a hungama and the agitated families created a huge ruckus. Police was in for a “pain in the neck” situation for the entire night on Wednesday.

A young girl was sent to Kota for the purpose of coaching. The girl reportedly disappeared a month back and the parents registered a missing report in Kota police station. While police was searching for the girl in Kota, she tied the nuptial knot with an old acquaintance in Balicha in Goverdhan Vilas, Udaipur. When the couple found about the agitation and opposition from the parents, they approached the High Court and requested for protection.

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As per information, the girl married a man from other caste who is already married. When the girl was given protection by police, the girl’s community got more agitated. Every one tried to convince her that the marriage is not legal and that it would affect her future but the girl was not to be moved by any of these advices. The family and police both tried to counsel the girl which went on until midnight but in vain.

On Thursday again, the girl will be taken in for counselling and if the man’s first wife turns in and files a complaint against this marriage then police will take action and the girl will be sent to Nari Niketan.

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