Lowest COVID Positivity Rate in Udaipur in the last 37 days

Lowest COVID Positivity Rate in Udaipur in the last 37 days

COVID Positivity rate touches 20%-21% with near 500 cases in the last three days in Udaipur District

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Subsequent to witnessing nearly 1500 cases in a day (11 May) and positivity ratio as high as 37% in a day (10 May), the numbers have shown a favourable and declining trend. Doctors and the health department has struggled with lack of infrastructure to accomodate the sudden spurt in cases in the last 45 days. Their efforts and the efforts of the administration coupled with support from the residents in abiding with lockdown norms seems to be paying dividends now.

Though the district is far from being out of the Red Zone and the current line of action expected to be followed for another month, if not less, the positivity ratio, which had jumped from 15% (10 April) to 28% (11 April) now seems to be easing as per the data provided by the CMHO, Dr Dinesh Kharadi. The positivity ratio has been showing a continuing decline since its zenith of 37% on 10 May and is hovering around 20%-21%.

The daily COVID Cases have reduced to near 500 (510 on 17 May and 550 each on 18-19 May), with the positivity ratio decreasing as well. Total cured per day are also more than double the number of cases reported per day.

Lockdown restrictions across the major market and office segment, with just the essential services operating on a daily basis, have resulted in the rise being controlled after an exponential growth in the month of April till mid May.

Oxygen support systems and in-patient support systems coming up through efforts of the health department and administration, along with society involvement across the district has supported decrease in the mortality rate, which is hovering around an average of 11 deaths per day over the last 7 days compared to between 4th and 12th May, when the mortality numbers were averaging 17 per day. The hospitalisation rate has however not gone below the average of 13% over the last 20 days. This is expected to decrease, with the numbers reducing over the last 8 days.

The vaccination drive, which had encountered a bottleneck in the last one week has again revived, now that the vaccine supply has resumed. The awareness on vaccination has improved and Udaipur will witness a rise in vaccination numbers as long as the supply supports the demand. As of today, the district has achieved near 45% vaccination against the target for beneficiaries above 45 years of age. The highest achievement of target has been in the Urban area, where 78% target has been achieved. This is followed by Mavli and Bhinder, with 53% target achievement.

Numbers presented above are based on the information provided by the CMHO, Udaipur

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