Man duping youth regarding employment abroad gets arrested

Man arrested for duping people in the name of employment.

Man duping youth regarding employment abroad gets arrested

A man against whom there were reports of duping youth in the name of providing employment in foreign countries has been arrested by police. The incident dates back to November 1999.

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As reported by victim Ramesh, he runs a computer centre in Ashok Nagar. He was approached by 2 men who told him that they assist the youth in getting employment abroad. One of them was Rajnikant who demanded 5000 rupees for the purpose of making passport. Rajnikant also said that after the passport work was done, he would get passes for employment visa and then provide a job of 60000 to 70000 rupees per month. Ramesh informed about this to some of the students. One student Navneet Mehta showed interest in getting employed abroad. He paid 2000 rupees against the visa fees but did not get a receipt for the same. This gave rise to suspicion and he enquired with some other people about this. He learnt that many others were duped in similar ways. When the matter was reported to police, Rajnikant was found by police. Court has sentenced Rajnikant with 2 years of imprisonment and a fine of 1000 rupees.

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