Man in debt creates fake story of robbery

Man in debt creates fake story of robbery

Man creates story of robbery.

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  Man in debt creates fake story of robbery

A man created a fake story of robbery as he owed some amount to a money lender. A nurse by profession in a private hospital, Manoj Patel was in debt. He owed 50000 rupees to a money lender and was not in a position to pay back. He was constantly being contacted by the money lender for re-payment.

Depressed by the situation, Manoj created a story of robbery and deceived police for some time. He reported to the police that he was on his way home after withdrawing 60000 rupees from an ATM at Tekri. He was on his bike when some masked men followed him on a scooty. They kicked his bike in order to make him fall but he somehow managed to balance his bike and moved ahead. The robbers followed him again and pointed a knife at him. He tried to escape but they injured his elbow with the knife and snatched the entire amount from him. Police even took Manoj to a hospital and provided him first aid.

Later when the police team went to inspect the site of robbery, they suspected foul play. CCTV footages of the area were checked. No scooty was seen in the area at the time of incident given by Manoj. Police found no evidence of any masked men as described. Also there was no amount withdrawn from any ATM by Manoj. Strict attitude of the police then forced Manoj to reveal the truth. He confessed creating the story of robbery as he was in debt and unable to pay back.

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