Mandatory e-KYC Biometric Verification for Domestic Gas Consumers

Mandatory e-KYC Biometric Verification for Domestic Gas Consumers

Consumers must complete the mandatory e-KYC by May 31


Udaipur: According to the directives issued by the Ministry of Petroleum and oil companies, it is mandatory for domestic gas consumers to undergo e-KYC biometric verification. These instructions were issued in November, but many consumers have not yet completed the e-KYC process. 

The operator of Mewar Jawa Gas Service mentioned that the final date for e-KYC biometric verification has not been announced yet. Consumers must complete the mandatory e-KYC by May 31, 2024. Similarly, it is also mandatory to conduct a safety inspection of the LPG connection. However, oil companies have instructed all their distributors to complete the e-KYC process as soon as possible.

The purpose of this verification is to identify and remove customers who have passed away or have moved to a different place. Additionally, it aims to regularize matters related to subsidies. Consumers who do not complete the e-KYC process might face disadvantages. 

The Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas allows only one LPG connection per household. This rule exists because LPG is subsidised, and allowing multiple connections could lead to misuse of the subsidy. Therefore, households are not permitted to have more than one connection. If you have more than one, you should surrender the extra connection immediately.

For e-KYC, consumers can contact the agency office or ask the delivery person who brings the cylinder to assist with the e-KYC process. The presence of the person in whose name the connection is registered is necessary for this process.

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