Mangal Chai's Unauthorized Franchise at Surajpol Draws Legal Scrutiny

Mangal Chai's Unauthorized Franchise at Surajpol Draws Legal Scrutiny

Mangal Chai Fraud Uncovered...

Mangal Chai Fraud

A case of fraudulent activity has surfaced in the Surajpol area of Udaipur, involving the opening of a counterfeit franchise under the name "Mangal Chai." The miscreant responsible for this deceitful act opened a branch of “Mangal Chai” on Mali Colony, 100 Feet Road, and even went so far as to establish an account in the State Bank of India (SBI) under the same name.

According to police reports, Dharmendra's son, Banshi Das Vaishnav, director of Mangal Chai, residing in Bapu Bazaar, has taken legal action by filing an application in court. Vaishnav highlighted that Mangal Tea have branches nationwide, including several authorized franchises in Udaipur. These franchises receive a substantial amount of Rs 5 lakh along with 1% royalty on retail sales for their authorization. Additionally, “Mangal Chai” has its trademark duly registered.

In a separate incident related to the same franchise, Mukesh Patel, son of Nayan, opened an unauthorized branch in Mali Colony, 100 Feet Road, under his franchise's name. Patel not only operated the branch illegally but also initiated the opening of an SBI account under the name of Mangal Tea. Despite requests from Nayan to cease operations, Mukesh Patel did not comply.

The matter was reported to the Police Commissioner on March 12, but no immediate action was taken. Subsequently, an application has been submitted, urging action against the accused and the closure of the fake branch. In response, the police have commenced an investigation into the case as per the court's directives.

Source: Dainik Bhaskar


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