‘Marijuana’ craze spreads its wings in Udaipur

‘Marijuana’ craze spreads its wings in Udaipur

Marijuana from Andhra Pradesh is rolling in Udaipur.

‘Marijuana’ craze spreads its wings in Udaipur

The craze for ‘gaanja’ or marijuana is spreading in Udaipur. As per reports, a very specific type of marijuana has become a hot favourite in the elite class. Until now there were other types of drugs that were rolling in the market but this one from Andhra Pradesh has become such a hot supply that even luxurious hotels and bars are supplying it as per demand.

Known as ‘current’ in Andhra Pradesh, this marijuana is packed in a very special gift packing and supplied to the hotels. Its packing is so attractive that even police has been unable to make out if the packet contains some gift item or a drug. The city has a lot of hukka bars and tourists especially Gujaratis are loving these addictions. As informed, this marijuana is available in different packs under different names. The price of this product is decided upon the demand and three to four times the price is taken from luxurious hotels and restaurants. Some of the people involved in the smuggling of this product are even mixing it with some other drugs and minting money.

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In the past few days, Special Operation Group (SOG) of police had nabbed 175 kilos of marijuana which was smuggled from Andhra Pradesh and unveiled a racket involved in this activity. The networking is so wide that smugglers have even started their drug business at smaller restaurants and dhabas at the highways. They serve drugs instead of food and it has also been informed that the involvement of certain policemen cannot be ruled out in this smuggling business.

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