Udaipur's MB Hospital to make parking free for visitors

Udaipur's MB Hospital to make parking free for visitors

Hospital will enhance entry, exit and parking facilities...

MB Hospital Parking Udaipur

Maharana Bhupal Hospital is set to see significant improvements in its parking system. In a notable shift, the hospital administration has decided not to charge the contractor for parking spaces. Instead, they will be compensating the contractor for managing the parking facilities. This innovative arrangement ensures that parking at the hospital will now be entirely free for visitors.

As part of the new system, guards from the relevant agency will be stationed to oversee the process. Their responsibilities will include inspecting vehicles and directing them to the designated parking spaces. This proactive approach aims to streamline the parking experience for both patients and visitors, enhancing overall convenience at Maharana Bhupal Hospital.

In addition to these improvements, a QR code system will be implemented for staff parking, enabling staff members to access the designated parking area directly without undergoing inspections. 

Special provisions have been put in place to accommodate the parking needs of ambulances and other four-wheeled vehicles. This ensures a well-organized and dedicated space for these important vehicles, contributing to smoother operations at the hospital.

Moreover, discussions are ongoing to start golf cart shuttle service at the Hathipol Road parking. This service facilitates the transportation of doctors and staff from the parking area, promoting convenience and swift access.

Following the introduction of the Chiranjeevi Scheme in Rajasthan, all patients now benefit from free medical treatment, covering expenses up to Rs 25 lakhs. This inclusive initiative encompasses free services such as tests, medications, treatments, and even prescriptions. In light of these efforts, RNT Principal Dr. Vipin Mathur and MB Hospital Director Dr. R. Suman have collaboratively developed a thoughtful plan to extend the convenience further by offering free parking facilities. 

Entry And Exit Points Will Be Developed

There are ongoing efforts to enhance the entry and exit points at the hospital. The focus is on implementing a system that allows patients to be brought in through any gate. Currently, distinct gates are being assigned for doctors, staff, team leaders, regular patients, and individuals arriving from outside.

Efforts are underway to track the number of vehicles. If parking space is unavailable, alternative arrangements will be provided. Furthermore, detailed information about each individual arriving at the hospital will be accessible, ensuring that they are seeking medical treatment. This measure aims to regulate access, deter unauthorized individuals, and prevent thefts.

Source: Rajasthan Patrika


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