Mewar's rich heritage sites secures GI Tag, awaits UNESCO recognition

Mewar's rich heritage sites secures GI Tag, awaits UNESCO recognition

Mewar has rich culture which includes art, craft, dance and architecture

Gangaur festival

When it comes to the region of Mewar, its history, religious sites, natural heritage, and cultural traditions collectively create an exceptionally rich tapestry. Notably, the 4,000-year-old Ayad River, where the Ahar civilization originated, stands as a priceless historical treasure. Mewar has a remarkable heritage, with its historical Saas Bahu Temple, Jagat Temple and Eklingji Temple, forming a significant part of its religious and architectural legacy. Additionally, the region is known for its religious and cultural traditions, prominently including the celebration of Gangaur and Gavari. The region of Mewar is well-deserving of having its local landmarks, temples, and age-old traditions included in the UNESCO list, ensuring that they are celebrated and safeguarded for generations to come.

Recent developments have brought further recognition to Mewar's cultural heritage. Udaipur's Koftgiri art and Nathdwara's Pichwai art have received Geographical Indication (GI) tags, which offer these artistic traditions increased protection and visibility. This recognition is crucial for preserving and promoting these local art forms. 

In a similar vein, the year 2021 witnessed West Bengal's Durga Puja being inscribed on the UNESCO list as an intangible cultural heritage, showcasing its significance on the global stage. It is now only fitting that the Gangaur festival of Mewar be considered for this prestigious recognition. With its abundant heritage and cultural significance. 

Inclusion of Gangaur and Gavari in the List of Cultural Heritage

The Gangaur festival holds a unique and profound significance within Marwadi tradition and culture, serving as a poignant expression of religious and social beliefs. Commencing immediately after the Holi festival, the worship of Gangaur marks the beginning of this venerable tradition. Recognizing the potential of this festival to promote tourism and propagate its cultural essence, the Tourism Department took the initiative to organize and support the Gangaur festival. As a result of these efforts, the Gangaur festival of Udaipur has garnered recognition and acclaim, not only at the national level but also on the international stage.

Gavari, serving as a significant representation of tribal folk culture, commences its observance from the day following Rakhi. This cultural tradition is an integral part of the cultural tapestry, and its preservation and recognition play a vital role in safeguarding the heritage of the region.

Temples of Mewar

Mewar is home to a rich array of temples, each contributing to the region's abundant religious heritage. Whether it's the revered Lord Jagdish Temple in Udaipur, the beloved Lord Eklingnath Temple, or the iconic Shrinathji Temple, each holds a special place in the hearts of the people. Furthermore, there are temples like the Ambika Temple in Jagat and the Sas-Bahu Temple, each bearing unique historical, religious, and artistic significance. These temples are not just historically and spiritually important; they also stand as remarkable examples of artistic craftsmanship. 

India has 40 Sites Included in UNESCO 

India has 40 sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Notably, the first entry from Rajasthan was the Jantar Mantar in Jaipur in 2010. Following this, in 2013, the Amer Fort, and in 2019, the walled city of Jaipur, earned the prestigious World Heritage designation. Moreover, the list of fortified heritage sites includes the Chittorgarh Fort and Kumbhalgarh Fort.

Mewar’s Heritage Sites in the UNESCO list 

  1.  Ancient Mines of Jawar, nearly 3,000 years old.
  2.  Ayad River.
  3.  Ambika Mata Temple.
  4. Gavari Natya.
  5. Ahar Civilization Site.
  6.  Gangaur Festival.
  7.  Jagdish Temple.
  8. Eklingji Temple.
  9.  Shrinathji Temple.
  10.  Sas-Bahu Temple.


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