Mewar Hospital accused of inhumanity

Mewar Hospital accused of inhumanity

Mewar hospital accused of ill treating a patient's family.

Mewar Hospital accused of inhumanity

Mewar Hospital has been accused for treating a patient badly. The family members of the patient accused that the hospital administration demanded that the balance amount be deposited at the earliest else they would not discharge the patient. This resulted in the deterioration of the patient’s health. On the other hand hospital admin has denied these accusations saying that they are being held responsible on fake grounds.

As informed by the family, the 55 year old patient hailing from Kumbhalgarh area had suffered fractures in the rib cage for which he was admitted in the hospital on 23rd May. The doctors assured that the patient would recover in 20 to 25 days. The expenses declared on the treatment were around 1 lakh 60 thousand rupees. The family says that they took loan on jewellery and deposited 57,000 rupees. On 26th May they were asked to deposit the balance amount. The patient’s family said that they did not have any more money with them after which the hospital administration refused to discharge the patient. This created commotion and argument between the administration and patient’s family. Police had to intervene and somehow pacified the matter and later the patient was discharged on ventilator.

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The patient’s family also said that they had no clue whether the patient lived or had died when they were approached for the balance amount insisting that  as per the doctors the patient had a very short time to live.

On the other hand, the hospital administration said that the family wanted to take the patient away and they merely asked for the amount. The administration did not deny the patient’s discharge at all. They also said that some agents were moving around in the hospital to sneak some amount from the hospital administration.

Police says that the issue of amount was resolved and seeing the financial condition of the family, the balance was waived off by the hospital.

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