Minimum temperature at 10 degrees-Goodbye spine chilling winter

Minimum temperature at 10 degrees-Goodbye spine chilling winter

As per met department, temperatures are likely to increase in the coming days.
Minimum temperature at 10 degrees-Goodbye spine chilling winter
A good relief from cold is being experienced. Enjoy the wedding season.

Now that the temperature is stable at 10 degrees, it is being expected that the spell of spine chilling winter will bid farewell soon. The met department has stated that the temperatures will now rise bringing relief.

The minimum temperature is expected to be around 10 degrees though it might fall by 2 degrees for a day or two. This has been stated as the temperature has been witnessed at 10 degrees in the last 2 days. On Thursday the maximim temperature was recorded at 23.6 and the minimum was at 10 degrees. On Wednesday, the minimum temperature was at 10.4 degrees. This indicates that the temperature will not fall much and bring a lot of relief from cold.

Though the temperature in the morning and evening hours is much lower, yet it is not affecting much as the afternoons are very comfortable. In fact the sun is shining bright and the spell of cold waves has also reduced. The only possibility is that the next week may be somewhat cloudy but it will not bring the chills back. Cold waves are likely to return but the imapct will not be as high as it has been in the past week. 

Since this is the wedding season, masses can enjoy the festivities more comfortably. The chill will not create shivers any longer.

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