Minimum temperature drops by 6.2 degrees

Minimum temperature drops by 6.2 degrees

Gear up for the winters, Udaipur is now getting colder.
Minimum temperature drops by 6.2 degrees

-Snowfall in the northern regions affects Udaipur weather. 

-Evenings are getting colder and temperatures will now continue to drop. 

The minimum temperature has dropped again in this week and the weather is getting colder. It is time to gear up for the winter season. A drop of 6.2 degrees has been experienced this week.

It is winter season now and temperatures will obviously drop further. The minimum temperature has been recorded at below 16 degrees this week which is hinting towards a good change in the weather indicating we stay prepared for the weather. The afternoons are still hot but the evenings give a good feel of the winter season.

On Tuesday the minimum temperature was recorded at 15.6 degrees whereas the maximum was 31.2 degrees. This was 15.8 (min) and 32.2 degrees (max) on Monday.

As per the met department, south west winds stopped blowing with the receding monsoons and now winds from the north will bring on the effect. The snowfall in the north is causing the fall in temperatures and hence the effect in Udaipur area.

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