Missing boy spotted moving freely

Missing boy spotted moving freely

Kidnapped or ...?? Kuch toh gadbad hai....

Missing boy spotted moving freely

Is it kidnapping or some kind of money game?? Shubham, student of 10th standard, went missing on Saturday evening.

Resident of Goverdhan Vilas, this 16 year old boy went missing all of a sudden from home. Family members tried to gain information of his whereabouts from friends and relatives but in vain. On Sunday morning, the family got a phone call from the boy’s mobile number. The caller demanded a ransom of 50 lakh rupees for releasing the boy.He hung up the phone settling at 3 lakh rupees when the missing boy’s father proposed 50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees instead of 50 lakhs.

The boy’s father rushed to the police station and narrated the callers demand to police. Police teams got together to search for the missing boy. They even traced the mobile’s location. From here the twist in the story started.

After a day’s efforts, police spotted the missing boy in a couple of CCTV footage. There was one more boy with him. Probably this boy used Shubham’s mobile to make the ransom call. Shubham was spotted at the railway station alone later and police now assumes that he is at Delhi based on the location of his mobile.

The question here is if this missing boy was kidnapped at all? What if this was the modus operandi merely to extract money? As per police, this does not seem to be a case of kidnapping. Investigation teams have been formed and the matter is being probed into.

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