Udaipur's MLSU Arts College occupied for election purpose

Udaipur's MLSU Arts College occupied for election purpose

Acquisition delays NAAC accreditation of the college

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Affecting 3,000 students studies till December

Mohanlal Sukhadia University (MLSU) Arts College in Udaipur was placed under administrative control starting from September 15, 2023 for election related works. This will be in effect until December 3, 2023, affecting the academic pursuits of approximately 3,000 students for a period of approximately two and a half months. MLSU Arts College has been grappling with the pursuit of achieving a coveted NAAC accreditation for the past three years. To that end, a scheduled visit by the accreditation team was slated for the first week of November. However, due to the current administrative measures, this visit is expected to be canceled.

The reason behind the cancellation is the inability of the accreditation team to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the college's facilities, resources, and other essential criteria. The administrative takeover and the resulting interruption in the regular functioning of the college have led to this regrettable situation.

This development raises concerns about the impact it may have on the educational and career prospects of the students, as well as the institutional aspirations of MLSU Arts College. The college administration, along with the concerned authorities, will need to address the situation and reschedule the accreditation evaluation in the best interest of both the students and the institution. Additionally, research activities will face disruption. Arts College, which hosts an annual average of 3,000 student researchers, charges each student an annual fee of Rs 10,000, contributing to a yearly total of Rs 3 Crore. Furthermore, students also pay a monthly fee of Rs 25 lakh. The college employs 21 teachers and more than 70 staff members, with staff members receiving an average monthly salary of 40 lakh rupees. During the electoral process, the monthly student fees, amounting to Rs 25 lakh, will go to waste, while employees will receive Rs 40 lakh without performing any work.  

Professor Sunita Mishra, the Vice-Chancellor of Arts College, has filed a complaint with Governor Kalraj Mishra regarding the college's acquisition. She argues that, given the impending NAAC inspection, the takeover should either be canceled or deferred until after November 8, 2023. However, District Electoral Officer and District Collector Arvind Poswal have found no superior alternative among other government institutions. 

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