MLSU Student Leaders Accused of Fee Scam

MLSU Student Leaders Accused of Fee Scam

A student fell victim to a scam involving payment for admission fees...

MLSU Fake Receipt

In a shocking revelation, Mohanlal Sukhadia University has been involved in a scandal involving fraudulent activities under the guise of helping students. The issue came to light when a student lodged a complaint with the university's examiner and controller, exposing false activities done by two of the university's leaders.

Reason Behind the Scandal 

A student named Harsh Lohar sought admission for the first year of B.Com (Non-Collegiate) and was duped by student leaders into paying Rs. 5,550. Out of this sum, only Rs. 4,150 was deposited for the student's fee, while the remaining Rs. 1,400 was allegedly pocketed by those those who took money from Harsh, using a fake receipt in the university's name. Student leader Anshuman Singh raised objections and demanded justice after uncovering this fraud within the Commerce College.

The scandal reached its peak when Harsh Lohar discovered that the forms for the first year of B.Com (Non-Collegiate) had not even been released. Fueled by this discovery, he promptly filed a complaint with the Examination Controller, revealing the extent of the deception. Despite seeking clarification from the university administration, they claimed ignorance about the matter, prompting concerns from other affected students.

Anshuman Singh, upon learning of the scam, met with the examination controller to demand accountability. He called for action against the student leaders doing the fraud, urged an investigation into the fake receipts, and advocated for justice on behalf of the victimized student. Singh pointed out the absence of a registration number on the receipt, further highlighting the deception.

The complaint was filed on the student leader Upnishad Prajapat. An investigation by the university administration revealed the receipt to be fraudulent. They assured appropriate action would be taken to address the issue.

Numerous students have come forward, asserting that such fraudulent activities have been ongoing within the university for an extended period. Many victims have been forced into paying fees under false practices. 

Source: Rajasthan Patrika

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