More than 2000 people walk into Udaipur-Administration alert

More than 2000 people walk into Udaipur-Administration alert

People have come from Gujarat and Maharashtra.
More than 2000 people walk into Udaipur-Administration alert
Administration has made arrangements for the boarding of these people and medical teams are constantly screening them.

Every corner of India is closed. The janta curfew has closed down every nook and corner and all industries big and small have locked up their functioning. Though this is a much needed action, yet of course it quite a mess for the people who work as labourers, for those who moved to other cities in search of employment and studies to Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Now that the curfew is in place, these people are forced to return to their hometowns. Administration had issued directives for these people to stay put but hunger and no roof on head due to empty pockets left no other way but to return. Until now administration was making arrangements for these people's safe return, but post a few more cases each one was asked to stay where they were and not gather at any place. But these people started walking to their hometowns. On Friday night, a large number of people, as many as 2000, were found walking into Udaipur. These people are returning to their hometowns in Gogunda, Bhilwara, Nagore, Jaipur, Bikaner, Pali, Kota, Chittorgarh etc.

When administration learnt of such a huge number of people, quick arrangements were made for their stay and medical teams came into action. These people have been made to stay in Fateh High School. The teams have screened most of them and are still in the process. Most of the people are in quarantine now. Counselling is also being done and they are being told to maintain distance while sitting in one place. The importance of social distancing is being delivered to them. This has become a real task for the medical teams as maintaining distance between such a huge crowd is keeping the teasm on toes and is quite a hassle. 

It has also been informed that some people have also entered Udaipur through some or the other means of goods transport during late night or early morning hours. They are assisted by the drivers who hide them in the vehicles and drop them at the borders. The security agencies need to be more alert and keep a check on the vehicles so that the arrival of any infected person does not pose to be a threat for Udaipur.

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