Bike Ambulance made available in remote areas around Udaipur

Bike Ambulance made available in remote areas around Udaipur

The areas will include remote locations around Udaipur, Rajsamand and Kumbhalgarh... 

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Udaipur's Rotary Club Meera initiative

The Rotary Club Meera Udaipur has initiated a MotorBike Ambulance to address the challenges of reaching remote areas, particularly homes situated on mountains where traditional ambulances struggle to access. Sangeeta Mundra, the president of the club, emphasizes the time-consuming nature of reaching these locations, both for private and government ambulances. To overcome this issue, the club has introduced MotorBike Ambulances, which can swiftly navigate difficult terrains and ensure timely medical assistance. This innovative initiative was initially implemented in Gogunda, located in the Udaipur district, and in the Kumbhalgarh area of Rajsamand district.

“The construction of the Motorbike Ambulance is nearly finished, and it will be fully operational within the next 15 days.”- Sangeeta Mundra, President of Rotary Club. 

What makes the Motorbike Ambulance unique and noteworthy compared to traditional ambulances?

The Motorbike Ambulance is designed in a trolley format, attached to the back of the bike. It features a comfortable bed placed on a stretcher to ensure the patient's comfort during transportation. The ambulance is equipped with curtains and windows, providing the patient with fresh air and ventilation. In case of emergencies, a hanging stand is available outside the ambulance for attaching a glucose bottle. Additionally, similar to traditional ambulances, the Motorbike Ambulance is equipped with a siren for alerting others on the road. 

Sangeeta Mundra had a conversation with gynecologist Vallari Ramakrishnan, revealing the challenging situation faced by women in remote areas who are often alone at home and encounter difficulties during medical emergencies. This discussion led Sangeeta Mundra to share her vision with the Rotary District Governor, Dr. Nirmal Kunawat. Notably, the funding for this ambulance initiative was provided by the Rotary Club of Mumbai Lakers. Eakta Menon, the Medical Director, also expressed support for the project.

Sangeeta Mundra emphasizes that the Motorbike Ambulance is a registered ambulance and has undergone thorough verification to ensure compliance with all safety measures. It is important to note that this ambulance is specifically designed for shorter distances rather than long journeys. To ensure its ongoing performance and effectiveness, the Motorbike Ambulance will undergo regular checks within a three-month timeframe. This monitoring process aims to identify any operational issues or potential areas for improvement, ensuring that the ambulance continues to operate smoothly and meet the needs of the communities it serves.

Two organizations will operate the ambulance 

According to the club secretary, Kavita Srivastava, the Motorbike Ambulance will be operated in the designated remote areas through two NGOs that are actively working in those regions. The responsibility of operating this ambulance has been assigned to Basic Health Care in the Gogunda area and Action Research Training for Health in Kumbhalgarh. The club will periodically receive reports from these NGOs every three months to assess their performance and ensure smooth operations. Additionally, the club members will personally visit the areas to identify and address any deficiencies or shortcomings that may arise during the course of the ambulance service.

The Motorbike Ambulance initiative aims to significantly reduce the response time to reach patients in need. The ambulance is capable of efficiently navigating even narrow single-lane roads, which are common in remote areas. This allows for quicker access to patients, particularly in situations where traditional ambulances may struggle to reach due to terrain or traffic constraints. Furthermore, the Motorbike Ambulance can serve as a valuable resource in cases where primary hospitals require immediate assistance. By swiftly transporting patients to these hospitals, the ambulance helps bridge the gap between critical medical care and remote areas where access to healthcare facilities may be limited.


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