Neemuch Mata Ropeway: UDA to gain Rs 90 Lakh annually

Neemuch Mata Ropeway: UDA to gain Rs 90 Lakh annually

The ropeway operation is anticipated to start from January 2024...

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The Neemuch Mata ropeway project, currently encountering resistance from environmentalists and lake conservationists, has entered its conclusive phase. There is a prospect of the trial commencing by the end of December. If the trial proves successful, the Public Works Department (PWD) will issue a technical certificate, clearing the path for the initiation of passenger services.

In such an event, the ropeway operation is anticipated to commence from January 2024. This marks a significant step forward in the project's progress, potentially bridging the gap between project completion and public utilization.

In the interim, the Kolkata-based company Damodar Ropeway Infra Limited, poised to manage the ropeway, is obligated to pay the Urban Development Authority (UDA) an annual sum of Rs 90 lakh as the initial installment, subject to specified conditions. This amount will witness a 5% increment every two years. Essentially, over the course of 25 years, UDA's accounts are expected to accumulate a total of Rs 30 crore.

Simultaneously, the company holds the authority to implement a yearly 10% increase in ticket prices, in accordance with the mutually agreed-upon terms. This financial arrangement marks a significant component of the operational framework for the ropeway project.

Preceding the construction of the ropeway, the Forest Department granted a no-objection certificate. Later, in February 2022, the District Magistrate provided the final approval. The tender for the ropeway was released by the former UIT on October 7, 2016. Subsequently, on November 10, 2016, the bid opening occurred, with three firms meeting the technical qualifications. On December 14, 2016, the financial bids were unveiled. Among the contenders, Damodar Ropeway Infra Limited was selected, presenting the highest revenue bid of up to Rs  90 lakh. 

In June 2017, the government granted approval for the plan, followed by the Urban Development and Housing Department (UDH) in Jaipur in July 2017. Subsequently, a contract was inked between UIT and a private firm in February 2018. The stipulation was for the private firm to successfully execute the project within a two-year timeframe. Notably, this particular firm is presently managing ropeway operations in various cities nationwide.

A ropeway has been erected connecting Fateh Sagar and Neemuch Mata, comprising four towers. The initial tower (T-1) boasts a maximum height of 20 meters, while the ultimate tower on the temple side (T-4) stands at a minimum of 10 meters. The system is designed to accommodate 16 trolleys, each capable of seating up to 4 passengers.

Construction is underway for a lower terminal in the vicinity of Fateh Sagar, providing a starting point for the ropeway. Simultaneously, an upper terminal has been finalized at the temple site, positioned at an elevated level to facilitate smooth operations. 

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