UIT will spend Rs. 7.47 crore on renovation of Nehru Garden

UIT will spend Rs. 7.47 crore on renovation of Nehru Garden 

Are Wedding events at Udaipur's Nehru Garden a good idea? 


Island situated in between the Fatehsagar Lake, Nehru Garden has once again been highlighted. For the renovation of the property, UIT has suggested spending Rs 7.47 crore. The project will include renovations of broken pathway, fountain, and a restaurant. The work has been expected to be completed by the end of the year 2023 in the month of December. 

In addition to this lighting system, sound system and horticulture work will also be done. The maintenance work of Nehru Garden was only heard by UIT. Since five years there was no action being taken but this time the work is finally starting.

The Nehru Garden, which was initially under the responsibility of the Udaipur Municipal Corporation (UMC) of Udaipur, is now under the charge of the Urban Improvement Trust (UIT), Udaipur.  

According to the news published in the media, in the work of Nehru Garden, along with sightseeing, food and drink facilities will also be available. Not only this, an open theater in the garden and a stage like Lok Kala Mandal and Shilpgram will also be prepared. Moreover, after the completion of the work, there is a plan to conduct weddings in the garden. 

Is there a requirement for more wedding gardens in Lake City given that Nehru Garden ought to additionally be transformed into a wedding hall as the city gained recognition as a wedding venue? 

If the weddings are held in Nehru Garden in the future then it will affect aquatic life as well as traffic will be increased and there will be chaos around Fatehsagar lake. 

"Kindly note that Fatehsagar is an important drinking water source of Udaipur ; and is a wetland of  sensitive and fragile ecosystem. Loud noises, music, lights, increased human interference will further destroy the lake and its ecosystem. Revenue generation and tourism should not disturb the delicate ecological balance and shall not be done at the cost of the environment. Since Fatehsagar is a protected lake, a wetland and a drinking water source, we need to be extra careful, cautious and mindful of it. The fundamental right (of humans) of  clean and safe drinking water and a wholesome environment; along with  the fundamental rights of the aquatic creatures and fauna that live in and around the lake shall not be compromised. I urge you to please cancel  the aforementioned detrimental activities on the Nehru Park Island. I may mention here that   failure to do so ,  I will  approach the appropriate legal forum to seek justice." - A Memorandum submitted by Anil Mehta (Lake Conservation Society) to Chief Minister.



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