Nehru Park Unveils Open Theatre for Public Entertainment

Nehru Park Unveils Open Theatre for Public Entertainment

UDA Transforms Nehru Park into a Spectacular Destination

Nehru Park

Udaipur Development Authority (UDA) has undertaken a significant project to renovate Nehru Park, situated between Fatehsagar Lake in Udaipur. The park is set to unveil its new avatar next month, promising a variety of attractions for visitors.

Nehru Park

Renovation Highlights

The transformation of Nehru Park includes the construction of an Amphitheater, resembling an open theatre, complete with seating arrangements and a circular stage. The Amphitheater aims to serve as a platform for showcasing art and cultural performances amidst the serene backdrop of the lake.

A ship-themed cafeteria has been added to cater to the culinary needs of visitors, offering picturesque views of the lake along with delectable food options. Additionally, a structure resembling a guest house has been erected, with plans for future development into a 3D museum-like setup, offering a blend of art and culture against the backdrop of the scenic surroundings.

Nehru Park

The park's pathways have been adorned with heritage tiles, enhancing their appeal and durability. Six fountains have been installed amidst lush greenery.

Beautification Efforts

UDA is investing Rs 7.5 crore towards beautifying the UDA Garden, including the plantation of velvet green grass across two hectares. Steel railings are being installed on the bridge edges to ensure safety for visitors.

Background and Ownership 

Previously under the ownership of the Public Works Department (PWD), Nehru Park was in a state of disrepair. Following the transfer of Fatehsagar Lake to the UDA, UDA took over the maintenance of Nehru Park, leading to its revitalization.

Nehru Park

Challenges and Solutions

Historically, Nehru Park faced challenges such as flooding during the installation of water gates at the overflow of Fatehsagar Lake. However, measures have been taken to mitigate such issues, ensuring a pleasant experience for park visitors.

With these big changes and new stuff, Nehru Park will be a really great place to visit in Udaipur. It will have beautiful nature, lots of cool things to do, and be perfect for both locals and tourists.

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