New Airport Terminal with Rs 887 Crores investment to boost passenger capacity

New Airport Terminal with Rs 887 Crores investment to boost passenger capacity

Improved facilities, expanded terminal, and enhanced connectivity will attract more travelers

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In recent times, Udaipur has witnessed a flurry of developments, ranging from the construction of new railway stations to significant advancements in the tourism sector. The city, often referred to as the "lake city," attracts a substantial influx of visitors annually, both from within the country and across the globe. Consequently, the authorities have embarked on a project to revamp the Udaipur airport, beginning later this year. This redevelopment initiative aims to further enhance the city's infrastructure to accommodate the growing number of tourists and cater to the needs of domestic as well as international travelers.

A new comprehensive terminal, spanning an area of 40,000 square meters, is set to be constructed at Maharana Pratap Airport Dabok, with a projected expenditure of 887 crores. This modern terminal will have a capacity to accommodate 2,050 passengers, a substantial upgrade from the current capacity of 680 passengers at the existing terminal. 

Within the new terminal, an expansive arrival space of 16,000 square meters and a departure area spanning 19,000 square meters will be established. This upgraded facility will feature a total of four gates, thoughtfully divided into two designated for entry and another two designated for exit purposes. The terminal's efficiency will be significantly improved with the incorporation of an additional 42 check-in counters, leading to a substantial increase in the total count to 55 check-in counters.

A total of four new aerobridges are scheduled for construction, effectively raising the tally to six. This enhancement means that the airport will be capable of facilitating the simultaneous embarkation and disembarkation of passengers from six distinct aircraft. Adding a unique touch, the new terminal will offer a glimpse of Mewar's rich art and cultural heritage, creating an enriched experience for travelers.

Yogesh Nagaich, the Airport Director, has informed that in accordance with the directives of the Airport Authority of India (AAI), tenders have been issued. The tender evaluation process is scheduled to commence in the initial week of October. Subsequent to this phase, the construction of the new terminal is set to commence. The anticipated timeline for the commencement of construction is either December 2023 or January 2024, with a determined objective to achieve completion by June 2026.

Following the completion of the new terminal's construction, Udaipur airport will be fully equipped to accommodate international flights adhering to all requisite standards. In line with these standards, distinct facilities will be curated to cater to passengers embarking on both international and domestic flights, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for travelers.

Rigorous customs and immigration protocols will also be rigorously implemented. Presently, there are 16 flights in operation from Udaipur, connecting cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Bhopal, and Indore. The current runway length stands at 2281 meters, satisfying the criteria for international flights. However, the commencement of international flights has been hindered by political complexities.

Modern Facilities 

  • Cutting-edge amenities, including self-baggage drop, self-check-in kiosks, Wi-Fi access, body scanning, automated tray systems, electronic advertising displays, and 11 elevators, will be provided at the terminal. A world-class customs and immigration facility will also be established to ensure a seamless experience for travelers.
  • To enhance the convenience of air passengers, their companions, and hired vehicle operators, an additional parking area capable of accommodating 700 four-wheelers will be constructed. Currently, a parking facility for 300 four-wheelers exists, a capacity that will be expanded to accommodate a total of 1000 vehicles.
  • A catering facility akin to a five-star hotel restaurant will be established, alongside a range of shops offering branded wines, handicrafts, and local arts. A designated area spanning 200 square feet will be allocated for local self-help groups, enabling them to showcase their indigenous handicraft products.
  • The terminal complex and building design will harmoniously incorporate the essence of Mewar's art and culture. The new terminal will showcase artifacts crafted by local artists, providing a captivating insight into the cultural heritage of Mewar. Additionally, a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) will be installed to facilitate water reutilization. 

Improved facilities, expanded terminals, and enhanced connectivity will attract more travelers. Efficient customs and immigration processes, modern amenities, and world-class infrastructure make destinations more accessible and appealing. Additionally, better airport services often lead to increased airline options, reduced travel times, and improved overall travel experiences, all of which contribute to attracting higher numbers of domestic and international tourists. 

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